Thursday, September 04, 2008

Create a Profile without a Surface

I’ve run into several people who have point data that exists along a single line and wish to see profile data. With no point data outside this string of points it is impossible to create a surface model. Without a surface model it is not as easy to create a profile.

There’s a little known trick a person can perform in order to create a profile from a set of points. It involves using the 3DPOLY command, transparent commands and LandXML. The attached PDF explains in detail what is needed to create an existing profile from linear points.

Here is the PDF: Profile with No Surface

Here is the TXT file you can download for practice. trail.txt

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JackOfHearts said...

There is a bug in Civil3D when working with quick profile. I posted explanation on discussion board (
I would not use quick profile for long profiles or with large hight differences.