Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Don't Install Civil 3D...

...until you take my quiz to see if you are ready!

This quiz is just for fun - but talks about some real issues people run into when implemeting Civil 3D.


Have fun.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

FIXED: CAiCE SRV to Civil 3D 2010

This is a REPOST with fixed links.  My apologies to those who were unable to download due to the DVB file getting blocked by our server.  This repost has the files, but you will need to rename them after you save them to your harddrive.  The links won't expire!  w00t.

This post would not be possible without Rick Larson of WisDOT's DVB file. Thanks, Rick for letting me scam your program and spread it over the world!

These instructions apply to Civil 3D 2010, (will post 2011 version VBA file when it becomes available.)

Download the 2010 version of WisDOT's converter tool from:
srv-to_pntflt - Right-click and hit "Save target".  Be sure to rename the txt file extension to DVB

A test SRV file to play with can also be downloaded if you need one:
exist -  Extension rename to SRV is needed.

1. At the Civil 3D command line type: VBALOAD
2. Browse for the DVB file.

3. Click Enable Macros.

4. At the command line, type in VBARUN

5. Select the line that ends with “ReadSRVFile”
6. Click Run.
7. Browse for the SRV file you wish to convert.
8. Click Open

The result is 5 new files that are created in the folder containing the original SRV.
• *.srv.bld
• *.srv.flt
• *.srv.obs
• *.srv.pnt
• *.srv.wea

Civil 3D only uses the flt and the pnt files. The pnt is a space delimited PENZD file which can be imported as points. The flt file is a breakline file which can be added to a surface definition.

An example of how these can be used:

Since the point files tend to be large, we will not bother importing it as a survey file.

Create a surface.

Add the file using Point Files option under the surface definition.

Next, add breaklines.

Boom – you gotta surface.