Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Few Housekeeping Items

No More Twitter. Twitter makes me crave Zanax. It's like a crowd of people shouting into a room and only a few of the Tweets are worth the bytes in the universe they take up. It makes me insane trying to weed the major crap from the less crappy. You can't say anything of technical value in 255 characters or less.

Blog May be Quiet for a While. The next few weeks I'm gone and have presentations and training up the proverbial wazzoo. Then I'm headed to San Fransisco on vacation for a week or so in June.


Accidental Discovery

Last week when I was teaching about extracting profiles from the surface, one of my students discovered something I've never tried before: You can sample multiple offsets at once by separating the values with a comma. How about that!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

My Layers are Not Listed Alphabetically...WTF?

MAXSORT is an AutoCAD system variable that most people never run into. Civil 3D users tend to run into it more than average because the number of layers that Civil 3D uses and creates. ESPECIALLY if you're using layer suffixes in your drawing settings.

If you find yourself with more than 1000 layers, you've maxed out the number of layers that ACAD will alphabetize.

Type in MAXSORT and set it to a larger number, such as 5000. You'll never need it again.